Pregnancy Style: Maternity Swimsuits from ASOS

I’ve always loved ASOS, but it’s never been one of my top go-to places to shop until pregnancy. Now that I’ve been shopping there, I’m not sure why I didn’t shop at ASOS more frequently prior to being pregnant because they have such a wide variety of options for every occasion and for the most part their prices are bomb.

One section I’ve come to love (both for pregnancy and non-pregnancy) is their swim section. They have super cute swimsuits and their prices are so much more reasonable than other online swim sites. I was actually shocked when I went to look for maternity swim on ASOS because most maternity swimsuits from other brands are well over $100 per suit and I couldn’t justify spending that much on a swimsuit that I won’t be wearing again next summer.

Below are the swimsuits I ended up with (some maternity, some non-maternity depending on how pregnant I was at the time of ordering them) and they are all linked! These photos are taken at either 30 weeks pregnant (maternity swim) or 20 weeks pregnant (normal swim) – I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out which is which! 😉

P.S. The best part about ASOS’s maternity swim is that they seem to be designed so that you can wear them post-pregnancy, as well. Rather than having extra material in the stomach area to accommodate the bump, it seems as though the material might just be stretchier and the swimsuits themselves are a bit more modest so that the extra pulling doesn’t end up in a wedgie or a nip slip! I won’t be able to tell for sure until I try them on again after pregnancy, but that is my current take for anyone that might be interested in one of the maternity swimsuits, but isn’t pregnant.

Slinky Swimsuit in Snake Print (Maternity) – $45
^ this one has the coolest slouch open back





Tie Shoulder Swimsuit in Khaki (Maternity) – $26



Strappy Plunge Swimsuit in White* – $45
*I ended up cutting off the fringe on the back because I ultimately determined it was just slightly too much for me haha. But might be just perfect for you!!



IMG_2001Ribbed Bikini Top in Lavender – $29.95 
Ribbed Bikini Bottoms in Lavender – $17.95



fullsizeoutput_c6e6Rib Popper Swimsuit in Red (Maternity) – $38



IMG_3739Tie Shoulder Swimsuit in Black (Maternity) – $26


Sizing: All maternity swimsuits are in size US 4 (same size I was prior to pregnancy). The white one piece I ordered a size up (US 6) since it is non-maternity but I was 20 weeks pregnant, and the lavender bikini I ordered in the same size I would have prior to pregnancy (size M).


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