Amazon Accessories to Enhance Any Outfit

As much as I love to splurge on a fashion item every now and then, I’m typically a pretty big bargain hunter. I know me, and I know my style changes often. I’ve recently purchased several accessories off of Amazon that add to my outfits, and I’ve loved wearing these accessories for the past month or more. Since everyone loves a good deal, I thought I would share my budget-friendly fashion finds that’ll make a typical outfit instantly more stylish.

  1. Sunnies you don’t have to worry about breaking. I am known to break my sunglasses, whether I accidentally sit on them, step on them, run into a wall when I’m not looking where I’m going (yes, this has actually happened), or I’ve lost them while diving into the lake or jumping waves in the ocean. For this reason, I like to have several cheaper pairs of sunglasses on hand for activities that are high-risk for losing or breaking my sunglasses. I’ve found some great affordable and stylish options on amazon recently (including the pair in the photos above). The sunglasses that look best on my face are Ray Bans, and the following two pairs are Ray Ban dupes. Depending on your style, you might like the round shape or the hexagon shape that I’m wearing (or maybe even both!).
  2. Gold Glasses Chain. Wearing this chain in the above photos and I’m obsessed. Dom makes fun of me and calls me grandma when I wear them, but hello, he doesn’t know ~fashion~. I also love this pearl chain if this is more your style!
  3. Gucci Belt Dupe. Ugh. I’m so sad because I got the Gucci dupe I’m wearing in the above photos off of Amazon about a year ago, but it no longer exists on their site. I assume it was removed because it was a pretty legitimate dupe, so there would be legal repercussions of selling such an item, but I’m sad I can’t share the original link with you guys! However I’ve linked a pair of similar belts, if you want that same type of style.
  4. Hair Scarf. I’m all about adding hair accessories to an outfit to change up my usual look or add a pop of color. Scarves are super in right now and there are so many different ways to wear them. If you’re looking for something more subtle, try these scrunchies that come in neutral colors.
  5. Blue Light Glasses. These will both help protect your eyes when looking at electronics, and can also serve as a fashion accessory.
  6. Thick Gold Hoops (varying sizes). I have two sizes of these thick gold hoops and wear them with any and every outfit.
  7. Gold Bar Crawler Earrings. Love these subtle earrings as a dainty yet chic option.
  8. Leopard Combat Boots. Never knew I needed leopard combat boots until I had them. Some outfits just need an extra pattern or pop of color to stand out (like my plain black jumpsuit above – love how the boots complete the look).
  9. Gold Chain Necklace. These are very on trend right now, and there’s a bunch of options on Amazon! I think this is the best one (this is the one I ordered), and I would much rather spend $12.99 than over $100!

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