LTKDay on the LikeToKnow.It App – What it is, How to Shop + My Personal Picks


What is LTK Day?

LTK Day is a major sales event, only available on the app, in which specific brands are holding exclusive discounts for only users of the app.

What brands are having sales?

There are about 20 different brands having exclusive sales via the app, but a few of the most notable are: Abercrombie & Fitch, Forever 21, NastyGal, Sam Edelman, Outdoor Voices, tarte, Victoria Emerson. You should be able to find a full list of participating brands in the app.

How does this sale work?

If you already have the app (if not, it’s free to download from the app store!), when you logon to the app, it will have specific images marked throughout the app that feature items from the participating brands. As you tap on products, a pop-up will appear presenting the LTK Day offer (ex: LTK Day Sale — Take 10% off!) and the option to copy the promo code. Then take the promo code that you copied, paste it into the promo code section on the site you’re on during checkout, and it will automatically apply the discount!

Items I’m Featuring for the LTK Day Sale

I have several items featured on my page that are currently still in stock (at least for now!) from a few of the featured brands that I’m excited to share with you guys! You can find them easily on my LTK page, or you can click the links below to quickly shop from here.

  1. Denim Shorts. Okay jean shorts are obviously a summer staple and a must-have . I have been wearing denim shorts even more than usual this summer (because, coronavirus) and have been wearing dresses and other summer pieces less and less since we are avoiding going out and about! I’m one of those girls that keeps staple pieces forever until they are essentially worn down, stretched out, or just don’t look great anymore ha. So while I would probably not have purchased new jean shorts this summer, I was forced to because all of my pre-pregnancy shorts are now too big, and my only other option was maternity… so obvi had to get some new pairs.

    Light Wash, High Rise Denim Shorts – these are the first pair I purchased, and I absolutely love them. They’re distressed (but not too much), they’re short – but no booty cheeks out, aka mom approved – and they are still right on trend to keep you in style. They’re that perfect light wash that goes with everything and I can’t get enough of these. FYI: the specific style I got is called Light Ripped Wash With Button Front

    White Distressed High Rise Denim Shorts – white denim is another staple of summer and in Austin, it’s much too hot for jeans! So I opted for these high rise denim shorts and I’m obsesseddd. They’re the perfect high-waisted where it’s comfortable, flattering and not too high (still looks good with shirts tucked in), and they’re a little more edgy than the light wash because they’re more distressed. I feel like you really can’t go wrong in these – recommend them 100%

  2. Rolling Stones tee. Band tees have been on the rise over the past several years, but this summer they are a major trend. I personally love them, but am also one of those people that feels weird wearing t-shirts featuring a band I don’t know or listen to… is that just me? Haha. So when I spotted this Rolling Stones tee I hit the jackpot because I actually do listen to the Rolling Stones (thanks to my aunt who grew up with them as her fave band), can sing along to a bunch of their songs and wouldn’t be clueless if someone actually asked me about my t-shirt ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Check out these other styles that I’ve linked, too, if you’re a fan of these styles/colors instead. 

  3. Muscle tank. At first I wasn’t sure about this trend, but now that I’ve gotten one for myself, I’m fully on board. My favorite way to style these is with high rise jean shorts (see above), tucked in, with a pair of sneaks. My go-to sneakers are my Air Force 1’s which I got this summer and now can’t believe how long I went without owning them.

    Light Pink Brushes Beauty Makeup Flyer (7)
  4. Tie Dye Swimsuit. (I got the suit on the top left) I’m definitely guilty of buying new suits every summer… maybe my guilty pleasure? (Last summer doesn’t count because I was pregnant, so new swimsuits were necessary!!). But this summer I got back into swimsuit shopping and am loving all of the fun tie dye suits that are available right now. I got this top and this bottom, which I love, but be aware that it’s pretty cheeky! There are two other options that feature the same colors and pattern, which I’ll also link (can also mix and match!): (1) bandeau-style top, (2) bottoms with more booty coverage, (3) tie dye one piece. Also sharing even more tie dye swimsuits in different colors and patterns here (but still on sale!).

  5. Daisy puff sleeve top. Yet another trend of the summer, but I had to try it to see how I felt about it! While I don’t think I would be buying a bunch of these type of tops, I am definitely into this specific one because of the floral pattern and neutral colors.


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