Leo’s Summer Style: H&M Clothing Haul

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Shop direct links to all of Leo’s picks shown above here.

This month Leo turns 9 months old, and it’s really the first time we’ve had to do a decent amount of clothes shopping for him. Up until now, we’ve been able to use clothes that were gifted to Leo when he was born, for Christmas, and just because (grandparents haha).

While I’ve shopped a little for Leo here and there throughout the past nine months, this was the first time I was able to shop for a full wardrobe for his current size (9-12 months). It’s fun because I can actually pick clothes that are more ‘my style,’ rather than just clothes that were gifted to us, but it definitely was nice not to have to pay for clothes for the first 8 months of his life that he ends up growing out of within a few weeks!

My two favorite places to shop for Leo so far have been Zara and H&M. They have clothes that are more my style when it comes to fashion and items that I would pick for Leo, myself. While there’s a ton of cute baby clothes out there, a lot of them come in super bright colors, with patterns all over the place, and everything ends up looking the same (for boys, it’s always dinosaurs, sports, trucks). I love H&M and Zara because they provide options that come in neutrals, solid colors or very subtle patterns, and look like clothes that any human could wear – not just babies. For some reason, I gravitate more towards these types of clothes for Leo, and my husband does, too.

The clothing haul I just got for Leo, particularly for summer clothes since it’s already pretty hot in Texas, was from H&M. I’m sure more will be coming soon, but when comparing what Zara currently had to H&M, H&M had more to offer.

I’m linking the items seen above in clockwise order, starting with the top left image:

  1. Neutral Colored Bodysuits
  2. Linen-blend Overalls
  3. Blue Woven Shorts
  4. Gray Sweatshorts
  5. Tropical Sweatshorts
  6. Mint Romper
  7. Cotton T-Shirts with Buttons
  8. Sleeveless Romper
  9. High Tops

One thought on “Leo’s Summer Style: H&M Clothing Haul

  1. I have a 3 month old and am just so grateful for all the gifted clothing however as she’s growing up, I need more pieces for her upcoming age but with the shops closed it’s just so tricky. I’m so glad I managed to pick up bigger sizes during my shopping spree before lock down happened xx


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