Puglise Party of 3… We’re Having a Baby!



Surprise!!! If you didn’t catch the title of this post…. we’re adding a baby Puglise to our family! We’ve been keeping this secret for about 12 weeks and it feels amazing to finally get it out in the open. This past December, our lives drastically changed when we found out the exciting (and surprising!) news. It’s wild to think in five short months we will become parents. Still can’t quite wrap my head around it, but slowly getting there!

I’m currently 18 weeks along (baby is as big as an orange!) and my official due date is July 30th, but my mom had both my brother and me three weeks early, so who knows what that means for me. So far I’ve had a similar pregnancy experience as my mom did (no morning sickness, very little symptoms – so thankful for this!) so I’m curious as to whether I’ll follow suit for her delivery experiences, too. However, they say your first baby often arrives past the due date, so maybe this baby will be an August baby rather than a July baby. Fingers crossed for July – I know I’ll be dying in this Texas heat when I’m 9 months pregnant!

We are super excited and feel so grateful to welcome a new little life into the world, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say these past few months have been an emotional roller coaster (with no help from the crazy hormones). We’ve probably felt every emotion in the book – excited/scared/nervous/shocked {insert literally every emotion and we’ve probably felt it at some point haha}. I can’t speak for Dom, but as each day goes on, I feel slightly more prepared. It’s comforting to know that most first time parents don’t know what they’re doing – we’re all just winging it!

Since I’ve barely had any symptoms, this pregnancy has felt extra weird to me because I feel completely normal. While I mentally know what’s happening, it hasn’t lined up with what’s happening to my body (aka nothing). Now that I’m finally starting to grow a little bump, it’s feeling more real and the excitement is growing every day. Although I’m nervous about all the changes that will inevitably happen to my body, I’ve gotta say that I’m pretty excited to style my bump! I think it’ll be super fun (at least prior to becoming a whale at 8 or 9 months lol) and I’m looking forward to sharing pregnancy fashion ideas with other preggy mamas out there. Plus owning a boutique adds an extra perk as I can do additional maternity shopping over the next several months 😉

We can’t wait to give updates as this pregnancy progresses, and of course are most excited for the baby to eventually get here! We’ve always wanted to be young parents and can’t wait for our little family to grow this summer. We’re especially excited to see how Lincoln will welcome the baby – we anticipate that he won’t leave its side! Now that we’ve officially announced our news, we’re off to celebrate! More to come soon!





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