We Bought Our First House!



I still can’t believe we’re officially homeowners! It’s super exciting to own an entire house and know that we can really make it our own. We just moved into our new house this past weekend and are slowly adjusting. We have lots of boxes to unpack, have been running errands almost every night, and still need some major furniture that we got rid of when we moved out of our apartment, so we’re hoping to get those sooner rather than later!

We knew we wanted to buy a home in Austin soon after moving here, but wanted to take our time looking at the different neighborhoods and areas surrounding downtown to determine where we wanted to live for at least the next few years. Our idea of where we wanted to live to what we wanted our house to look like to the things we absolutely needed in our first home completely changed during our search process. That’s why it’s so important to find a trustworthy realtor who will take you to a variety of different homes and neighborhoods so you can see everything in person and really narrow down what you want in your future home — it’s the biggest purchase you’ll make until you buy your next house!



I’m sharing some “before” pictures of our new house because I plan on posting updates of our home coming together in the next several weeks as we get settled. I’m looking forward to finally making this house our home. We have lived in two apartments prior to this and while we wanted them to look nice, we never went all out with decor because we knew we would be moving on to a different place the next year. Below are photos of our house from when it was on the market and still owned by its prior owners (sorry for the poor quality – these photos were taken by the previous owners!). It already looks like a different house with a new paint job and our furniture, so I’m excited to post updates for you guys as everything comes together!


Here are the “before” pictures with the previous owner’s furniture and decor:

New House 1

New House 2

New House 3

New House 4

New House 5

New House 6

New House 7

Can’t wait to show you guys the new paint job and how we decorate it to make it our own! Stay tuned for future posts once all the boxes are unpacked 😉


2 thoughts on “We Bought Our First House!

  1. Nice. Congratulations. I am excited for you. Enjoy and may you have lots of good times there. I am selling my house (currently in contract) and my prayer always is that the new owners will enjoy my home as much as I do. I have begun to look around at other homes so your story resonates with me as I begin to consider style, design, colors, etc. Thanks for your post. 😊


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